With lines that melt into bricks and flames, Story Beeson is shifting paradigms and giving Escher run for his money. Some may panic trying to succeed in a parking garage nightmare, but Story fantasizes about 'em melting and how damn good their drips would look on paper. 


Foul South: Give us a little background about yourself- where'd you come from?

Story Beeson: "I was born in Nashville, TN. I grew up constantly moving and switching schools. I graduated in rural Missouri and moved back to Nashville to play in my punk band at the time. I continued to play in weirdo bands and involve myself in the DIY community. I then dropped all music and focused on drawing. I currently live in Los Angeles. I'm predominately white with some Cherokee, Irish and French lineage."


FS: Your work is fluid and playfully haunting while your patterns have an Escher-like quality to ‘em-- who/what influenced your style and technique?

SB: "Growing up I was very interested in metaphysical/surrealist painters and skateboard graphics. I think those contributed to my attitude as an artist and some of the directions I go in. I like to stay true to fantasy in familiarity. I like using my environment and manipulating it. I have literally been in a parking garage and thought: I'm going to draw this melting."


FS: You’ve done several show flyers and band art-- what are some pieces you have in the works?

SB: "I just wrapped up a tour poster for Nashville band Brothers. I am currently working on some designs for Deafheaven and fonts for an emerging photography publication. I've been drawing a lot of warped jail cells, contorted deities, some eroticism. Though concepts are hardly in mind before working; often revealed to me after. I enjoy this as it is purely the subconscious at work."


FS: Have you ever considered doing a series of textile designs and fabric prints?

SB: "Totally. I have made several T-shirt designs and will continue to do so. I would like to make some bootlegs, probably 80's contemporary and new wave and 90's hip hop."


FS: If you could have a showing of your work at any venue (gallery, truck rally, etc.) where would it be and what would you serve?

SB: "I have no fantasies in terms of art shows. I like to keep it simple. When I do shows I only hope it serves people the option to feel something new. Whether that is positive or negative will remain subjective."

FS: If you could collaborate with any living artist from any medium, who would it be and why?

SB: "I have dream projects rather than collaborations. I am not really into compromising to work with anyone's style, despite there being so many talented people out there.
Some I am lucky to call friends. I'll make a zine with a friend any time."


FS: What will be etched on your hypothetical gravestone?

SB: "'Long live the new flesh' and I hope it is defaced."


FS: If it's in downtown LA it probably will be. What’s your drink of choice?

SB: "I only drink coffee or water and often times I choose coffee over water."


FS: That's a solid life choice. List ten songs on your playlist this month.

SB: "I am paying to use this computer so I'm going to keep it short with this months artists only ;) Terry Riley. Skinny Puppy. Bowery Electric. Microdisney. Andy Stott. Celtic Frost. Tommy Wright III. Rusted Shut. Martin Dupont. Umberto."


FS: Whatta lineup. What’s something that cheers you up when you’re feeling low?

SB: "Yoga. A nice musical transition. If I am lucky to witness someone being unlawful I may become euphoric."


FS: Nothing beats breaking the law and a good transition. What’s something no one knows about you?

SB: "There is a demon with me at all times. We are friends and it is not terrorizing me in anyway. He kind of brings me luck. I'm also a romantic." 


If only more of us had friendly demons and gave up alcohol-- oh well. 

Check out more of Story's work on her website or IG