GOLD, a non-traditional Dutch goth band, redefines 'mood-music' with their latest full length 'Optimist'


This headline may sound like a 'Hard Times' post, but GOLD's mega-group of eleven boasts members from Devil's Blood, and is unlike any progressive near-metal band out there. Produced by Randall Dunn of Earth, Ash Borer, Marissa Nadler and Sunn O))), GOLD manages to juxtapose harsh darkness with delicate beauty into a singularly intense, and surprisingly palatable package. Vocalist Milena Eva stands monumentally before a backdrop of discordant riffs and rough strumming, as if possessed by melancholy, allowing it to carry her vulnerable voice which (thankfully) doesn't remind us of Evanescence at all. After playing this year's DesertFest in Berlin, the group released their latest full-length in the US last Friday, June 2nd, to raving reviews from The New York Times, Invisible Oranges, and then some. For fans of modern goth rock this hauntingly charged album may be the only one that gets you these days. 

Foul South Magazine