Mansion - First Death of the Lutheran

The concept behind this band sounds very familiar - modern day musicians delivering the long forgotten teachings of an obscure cult. As such, it’s hard to avoid comparing it to Sabbath Assembly, but let’s give Mansion a pat on the back for their willingness to update the formula. Where Sabbath Assembly (at least when you stopped paying attention to them) strived to preserve the sonic quality consistent with a time when hymns were written, Mansion incorporates more modern elements into their mostly original* compositions. 

The guitar plays a subdued role while a steady rhythm section lays the groundwork for buzzing layers of synth and sustained strings, forming soundscapes that swell throughout five songs. This album seems to preach a modern interpretation of an obscure ideology—as if Mansion has set out to resurrect an interest in Kartanoism. Sure, you could argue there’s something unsettling about a cult updating its “look” for the 21st century, but any cult leader worth his salt will tell you that celibacy just isn’t an effective way to grow your brand.

*Track 3 is a Joy Division cover featuring Sami aka Albert Witchfinder of cult legends Reverend Bizarre.

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