USNEA Releases Music Video for "Pyrrhic Victory" a Track off Their Unreleased Full-Length 'Portals Into Futility'


As societal atrocities are continuously unveiled with each passing year, we find ourselves asking the existential question; what is human nature? Whether inherently good or evil, Portland, OR. doomers, USNEA, look to shed light on the ugly crevices hidden in plain sight with their newest music video release for “Pyrrhic Victory," a track off their album Portals Into Futility, to be released via Relapse Records September 8th. By embedding dissonant harmonies and chromatic licks within their interminable sludge, USNEA produces the type of doom that doesn't abandon the listener in a pit of sound, but carries its audience through an unanswerable craving marched solemnly. The video uses found footage of vintage MRI scans, black-and-white Krampus-esque demon films, and the hanging of a Witch to shed new perspective on our glorified visions of human history. With an instrumental, woeful gloom lamenting past horrors, both vocals bear a yearning for answers that cannot be given. They bark into the unknowable cavity of human creation with a savage fury, and find nothing but the echo of their own uncertainty. Though the majority of “Pyrrhic Victory” is a brooding, down-tempo melodic waltz, USNEA should never be categorized as soft or dull; rather, their subdued hopelessness is more chilling than any speed-demon. A good listen for a night-time ride or your next demon summoning, don’t lose yourself to existential anguish and give these reverent fucks a listen. 

-Miranda Wiley

Check out their previous 2014 full-length, Random Cosmic Violence below