Atriarch Released 'Dead as Truth' Full-Length


Marking the fourth full-length album since their founding in 2009, Portland, OR.-based death, ATRIARCH, has just released Dead as Truth via Relapse Records. Though this is a band that has defied rigid definitions, doom-heads hold firmly to ATRIARCH’s work thus far as a contemporary staple of the subgenre. With this newest release, ATRIARCH’s blackened doom metal holds a primal noise undercurrent with an almost hardcore edge, especially palpable in the profoundly unsettling music video for the track Repent, directed by experimental powerhouse Daniel Menche. With lyrics such as, “a world of flames dies in peace…another battlefield that’s littered with the bodies of the poor; as the rich keep growing stronger, this is a war that we can’t win”, Repent embodies the stifling hopelessness that many of us feel, trapped in a collapsing society with no real escape. ATRIARCH always felt reminiscent of SWANS, but provide more distinct nuances to their sound by marrying bleak doom, explosive death rock, hypnotic drone, and classic black metal. Recorded and mixed by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, and with artwork by Stevie Floyd (of Yob, and Dark Castle,) Dead as Truth promises to reach deep to the base of our souls and tug relentlessly at the darkest corner.

-Miranda Wiley

Check out the music videos for their tracks Repent and Inferno, and listen to the full album below