One Master releases their latest album, Lycanthropic Burrowing, July 14th via Eternal Death


In the dark shadowy corners of your mind lie bands like 15-years-running black metal gods, One Master, rearing to assail all senses with their brooding occult madness. Recorded in near absolute darkness somewhere in the depths of New England, their new full-length, Lycanthropic Burrowing, promises nothing less than brutish barbarism at its finest. The teaser track “Will of the Shadow,” which is available to stream on their bandcamp, opens with idyllic doom and leads listeners to the mouth of a lusus naturae. You feel the bristles of your spine stiffen, your limbs burn craven savagery, and your mind melts once the Lycanthropic Burrowing has begun. One Master keep it real with this release, staying true to their classic, orthodox style, yet continuing to push the envelope of darkness with each pulse-bursting riff. Following their 2015 release, Reclusive Blasphemy—ranked among the best metal records of 2015—Lycanthropic Burrowing continues to lead our sorry souls down to the pit of despair, thrashing and gnashing to the sounds of animalistic agony. Tip your ears that way on July 14th, when this full-length will be unleashed on CD, digital, and limited vinyl formats. See you on the dark side, homies. 

-Miranda Wiley