Neurosis is reissuing their 1990 album, "The Word As Law," via Neurot Recordings


Initially released on vinyl in 1990, The Word As Law quickly became a groundbreaking album and cult classic. For a band with such an extensive discography as Neurosis, albums like The Word As Law make the exploration that led to their signature sound, tangible. Emerging from the '80's world of upbeat punk and angry hardcore, this album acts as Neurosis' steps into a new era of heavy nuance. The first chords of "Double-Edged Sword" initiate a Metal machine that maintains a fist-pumping chug led by fast and furious bass-lines. Every track is a total banger, but a favorite of mine is "To What End?" –a perfect blend of haunting melodic metal, eerie undertones, and screeching hardcore vocals. Their triple threat vox give depth and original sound to the raw agony and ferocity of their riffs. The powerful rhythms and blasting drum-fills keep the fog of despair from settling for too long—though the feedback fade-out of "Blisters" leaves you feeling lost in the world at night, looking deep into the blackened abyss only to see nothing but your own reflection. Neurot Recordings will reissue The Word As Law on CD, LP, and digital formats on August 25th. 

-Miranda Wiley