Horseneck : Heavy Trip LP


Horseneck, Sacramento CA hardcore/sludge outfit releases their debut album, Heavy Trip, tomorrow, Friday the 17th.

Featuring present and past members of Chelsea Wolfe and Will Haven, the ambiguous newcomers are all across the board. The tracks range between heavy and clean vocals - and as you could've guessed - we're not huge fans of the clean, Janet Jackson-esque singing. Whether they're dead-ass serious or being silly is unclear - they did make a music video for Michael Caine where they dressed as mascot animals and got wasted - still, the silliness isn't exactly funny, but rather a text book inside joke. Their bluesy organ is tight though, and has the potential to be full-fledged heavy psych, yet the sludge is lacking and their cookie-cutter hardcore breaks are forced and unnecessary. 

"Bobby Brown" is the heaviest and most redeeming track off the LP, maybe because it feels like the most honest of the bunch. It's simple, different and doesn't try too hard. We wish we could say the same of the entire LP, but we can't. Decibel can, and they're streaming the entire album so you can 'try before you buy.'