Valient Thorr 'Looking Glass' Napalm Records

This is the latest music video released by Valient Thorr off their newest album, Old Salt. It's safe to say these guys are just as obsessed with Stranger Things as the rest of us. Superimposed faces on old Chevys, glowing red outlines on black images, and of course a heavy 80s synth intro/outro say the demogorgan could be anywhere. We've never been crazy about gang vocals, but 'Looking Glass' relies on them, maintaining minimal guitar and bass atop strong tom play. This is what running from yourself and a couple of bad guys sounds like. Defined by the twang and grit of North Carolina, Valient Thorr are anthemic rock n rollers that like to cruise on whiskey and maybe freak themselves out in the upside down once in a while . 

check out the video here: @valientthorrband #valientthorr

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