INANIMATE EXISTENCE- 'Calling from a dream' Unique Leader Records

Their talent is undeniable, but skill is expected of any progressive death metal band. What sets a heavy technical outfit apart from other Berklee alum's endeavors is plain old taste. 'Calling from a dream' is said to be the musical journey of a young man in search for his lost lover's soul; it's meant to juxtapose dark brutality with dainty pleasantries, and it's a damn shame they took it so literal. The album debuted on, ironically enough, considering its Evanescence-like vocals are painstakingly apparent. Any redeeming riffs are nullified by an overkill of chugging and double bass-- an exaggeration that borders on a rock opera, had it been conducted by Attack Attack. While Inanimate Existence should certainly be taken more seriously than the aforementioned Atlanta crabcore band, 'Calling From a Dream' is still an acquired taste-- like bodega candy after several whiskey shots. #foulsouthmagreviews #yallaretalentedtho#keepinitreal 

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